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A green partnership is underway as Greenhouse recently picked up the first load of spent yeast from Karl Strauss Brewing Company.  Greenhouse is revolutionizing the home ethanol market with the world’s first home ethanol system, called a Microfueler, which converts beer waste (among other things) into clean e-fuel.  Karl Strauss is donating several tons of beer waste a month, helping to create clean e-fuel for use in the San Diego community.


“We ran a pump from one of our fermenting tanks filled with yeast directly into the Greenhouse truck. It went smoothly and it will be an easy process going forward,” said Shawn Steele, Karl Strauss Quality Control Manager.  The Microfueler system, which includes a separate ethanol distiller and pump station, debuted at a launch party in Los Angeles last week, complete with celebrity endorsements from green-scene stars like Shaquille O’Neal, Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, and Francis Fisher.  

Karl Strauss was approached by Greenhouse to donate spent yeast in exchange for a portion of the ethanol created.  “We’re really excited about the partnership.  Instead of having to dispose of the spent yeast and beer waste ourselves, Greenhouse picks it up and takes it down the street to covert into clean ethanol,” says Steele.  In the future, Karl Strauss plans on converting their fleet of ten sales trucks to run on the e-fuel created from their beer waste.

“Karl Strauss has been a leader in San Diego’s craft beer industry for twenty years and we’re proud to be partnering with Greenhouse to lessen our environmental impact,” says Chris Cramer, Karl Strauss CEO and co-founder. “We love that we get to support a local company while doing something good for the environment.”  Cheers to that.  

About Karl Strauss Brewing Company
Two college grads, a 75-year-old master brewer, and a passion for beer… when Karl Strauss Brewing Company started brewing full-flavored, quality handcrafted beer in 1989, it was the first craft brewery to open in San Diego in more than 50 years. Today, you can enjoy our flagship beers, special releases, and seasonals at any of our six brewery restaurants or other fine drinking establishments throughout Southern California. For more information visit or call the brewery at (858) 273-2739.

About Greenhouse Micro Fueler
GreenHouse is a purveyor of green building services and products, including the revolutionary at-home Efuel 100 Microfueler™.  GreenHouse Energy offers consumers effective home improvement products that not only improve the environment, but also benefit homeowners financially through lower energy bills and reduced maintenance expenses.  For more information visit

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Karl Strauss Brewing Company started brewing handcrafted beer in 1989. Today, you can enjoy our quality beers at our six brewery restaurants or other fine drinking establishments throughout Southern California. For more info visit Melody Daversa, Karl Strauss Brewing Company


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