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High Rock Winery offers 34 varieties.

For The Evening Sun
Posted: 04/05/2009

Cindy Sterner doesn't have a basement anymore. She has a winery.

From the ceiling-high racks of wine bottles and a bar on one side of the basement, to the small stove and five-gallon glass carboys full of translucent wines on the other, the little space has all the necessities of a small business.

And after two years of work and countless hours of preparation, the Hanover area's High Rock Winery finally had its opening day.

"We're opening with 34 varieties," Sterner said. "And I think we should have something for everybody."

Sterner, who started making wine at home to satisfy her desire for often-hard-to-find sweet wines, said the winery offers everything from dry varieties to several types of sweet fruit wines.

She said after a complicated and sometimes frustrating licensing process that took more than a year to complete, she and husband Steve have spent the last year making all the wine their refinished basement would hold.

That turns out to be about 550 gallons of reds and whites, blushes and blends.

"That was what we were able to get in the basement this year, though next year we might try to increase it by another 100 gallons," Cindy Sterner said. "And if it gets too big, then we'll have to go get a storefront."

But with her and her husband working other jobs all day, she said, she's content to start small and expand as the business and orders grow.

High Rock Winery started small indeed, as Sterner became interested in home wine-making in 1999 after talking to her husband's uncle, and she purchased a one-gallon carboy and kit for a trial run.

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