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New Delhi December 8th 2007: –The supplier and exporter of best quality table grapes and wines, the untamable wine magnate N.D. Wines, has stepped into the field of wine manufacturing & is all prepared to crush its competitors and to shine out as India’s leading wine manufacturer also. It is the only domestic wine company with the biggest vineyard in India representing our country at the International Food Exhibition India ( IFE India ). IFE is organizing exhibition & first ever Indian Wine Challenge of its kind in India which will bring together key buyers, decision makers, producers and manufacturers from the industry under one roof to facilitate business interaction, from 6th Dec to 8th Dec at Pragati Maidan. India Wine Challenge, the first of its kind and unique blind wine tasting in India, responds to the needs of the Indian wine market to adopt benchmarks and reward excellence in the sector. Winning a medal at the Indian Wine Challenge is a crucial step towards gaining local and international recognition in such a high potential marketplace and successfully reaching key producers and retailers.
The key participant and eye-catcher in the exhibition, N.D. Wines, the only Indian company is present there to exhibit its newly launched wine varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chenin Blanc, Syrah, and Sauvignon Blanc. The brand’s recently launched products received an ostentatious welcome in the market and now the brand wants to represent India in international wine markets too.

Founder Chairman of N.D. wines Mr. Ashok Gaikwad says “The objective is to revolutionize the wine culture in India. N.D. Wine’s products are developed keeping Indian palate in mind. N.D. Wines is all prepared to set the souk on fire and to make N.D. wines a household name not nationally but internationally too.”

According to Mr. Rajesh Parihar Marketing Head N.D. wines “Since the introduction of our products in Indian market we have achieved phenomenal success. Our products are already served in Luxury trains and hotels and the demand has now increased with the launch of our four new varieties last month in New Delhi. Indian Wine Challenge 2007 will be a platform for Indian wine manufacturers in international market. I hope that through this we will definitely get the chance to make our presence felt in the international market too.”

Mr. Ashish Dabbas Area Manager N.D. Wines believes that “This Indian Wine Challenge guided wine tastings and wine seminars will provide the visitors with a true flavor of what wines are on offer for the Indian market. We are delighted that all these initiative has been started now.”

The exhibition also witnesses the participation of wine & beverages brands across the globe, like, Divino Wines & Spirits, Global Beverages, Pearl Wines, Sharp`s Brewery, Vinos Y Bodegas, Chateau De Camirey, Equinox and many more.

N.D. Grapes, one of the illustrious names in Indian Wine Industry, after enjoying huge success have now ventured into the ancient & exquisite art of wine making under the banner of N.D. Wines. The sole supplier to topmost wine companies like Sulaha, J. Sainbury, Tesco, Mark’s & Spencer’s and many more has now set itself into the wine market as manufacturer with crème de la crème of wines.

N.D. Wines Pvt. Ltd. grapes are grown in the 700 acres of highly cultivatable land spread out across the Sahyadri Hills of Maharashtra, Nasik where right type of soil, pleasant, dust free climate, matching the topography of the south of France and year round sun makes this area an ideal choice for growing wine grapes. At the winery the time tested art of wine making has gained greater height under the expert eye of the famous French wine master Mr. Jean Manual Jacqui not. The state of the art winery is well equipped with all imported machinery made by renowned French companies. With growing demands they have enhanced crushing capacity from 200 tonnes to 1400 tonnes. It is one of the wines served in prestigious and luxurious trains like “The Deccan Odyssey” promoted by Maharashtra government and “Palace on Wheels” promoted by Rajasthan Government.N.D. Wines have also won the international level “excellence award for entrepreneurship” from J.M.C.C.I. presented by his Excellency S.M. Krishna Governor of Maharashtra in Jan 2005. This wine mogul is all prepared to whittle its alcove in Delhi after reining the states like Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Chandigarh, Madhya Pradesh, U.P. and Daman etc. They have also set an eye on the international wine market.


N.D. Wines is the first winery in India to grow the world famous cabernet sauvignon – reserve & sauvignon Blanc reserve. They have also mastered the art of growing Shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, Chenin Blanc sauvignon Blanc that are specially used in making different kinds of wine.
· Syrah – It has a color of the royal insignia, deep purple. The strong aroma of bell peppers blends well with soft aroma of cherries and blackcurrants. Its velvety taste with a distinct peppery flavor lingers into mouth.
· Galaxy – Made from Cabernet Sauvignon comes in striking deep red color. Nose develops lilting aroma of bell pepper, cherries and blackcurrants.
· Cabernet Sauvignon - It tastes like the warm climate of India
· Sauvignon Blanc –It comes in an enchanting pale gold green color. The nose develops the exotic aromas of blackcurrant leaves touched with a sweet whiff of pineapples, grapefruits, bananas and guavas with a noticeable aroma of grapefruit.
· Chenin Blanc – The tangy taste of Chenin Blanc tickles the palate and leaves a lasting flavor and aroma of fruit in the mouth.

As scientists have approved, that moderate consumption of wine is good for health but it’s also been said that every wine is not of same medicinal value. Galaxy, Cabernet Syrah & Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc are the assortments from the stable of N.D Wines, which has been researched and developed not only for pleasure but also for perfect health and vigor.


· N.D. wine Syrah ( red wine ) is a boon for cardiovascular diseases. Some researchers have attributed this cardio protective quality to the significant amounts of resveratrol naturally present in grape skin.
· N.D. Wines Chenin Blanc & Sauvignon Blanc ( white wine ) is very effective in controlling the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay and sore throats.
· Resveratrol protects grapes and some other plants against fungal infections. It has been shown previously to have a number of potentially beneficial properties, including anti oxidant, anti coagulant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects.
· Intake of red wine alleviates ovarian cancer risk.
· Intake of wine has also results in strengthening of bones.
· Reduces stress and day-to-day tension.
· Systolic blood pressure gets reduced significantly with the white wine.

The forward-looking 'Grape Processing Industrial Policy' of the state government announced in 2001has give a huge boost to Indian wine business. With economic liberalization and globalization having precipitated a huge change in the Lifestyle of Indians, wine has begun to flow as easily as conversation in trend-setting middle class households across the country. Wine consumption is no longer considered as a taboo or hazardous for health. But it is been used at the time of celebration and religious ceremonies as well as consumed by people suffering from heart related diseases.

Wine–“the sweetest dew from heaven” and known as “juice of gods” has existed since the beginning of life on earth and has traveled civilizations. Cleopatra promised Marc Anthony that she would 'drink the value of the province' in one cup of wine, and then she drank a cup of wine with an expensive pearl in it. So guys lets make wine an integral part of our life and prove the famous saying right.

“Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.”- Benjamin Franklin
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