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Chester, PA. The blogosphere is growing at a monumental rate. Savvy web searchers can find blogs on just about anything, from personal diaries to political commentary. Recently, rethought the blog concept and decided to launch a new and improved "Articles" section that features a gathering of top wine columnists. In this new reader-friendly format, visitors get a sweeping taste of the wine world from green beginners to avid Sommeliers.

Article Section -

"It's all about usability" says site designer Brandon Morse. "We've increased the accessibility of our blogs and made finding topics, community, and related videos much simpler." Morse's new design features cutting edge concepts that bring various wine resources, such as pricing, articles, and videos, all under one roof.

Upon arriving at the main Articles page, the user is greeted with the most recent blog entry created by one of the Classic Wines columnists. Less recent articles are listed below in descending order. Each article features a picture and small concept blurb, allowing the reader to browse from one title to the next until something catches their eye.

On the right side of the page is a series of useful links and shortcuts broken up into categories. The first section, "Column Categories", allows quick access to all the major columns, such as Wine and the City, Wine Mogul, Wine 101, and Wine Trends. No matter which blog the reader enters, navigation links are always available on the right. The second section is entitled "Recent Columns" and features the most up-to-date entries across the whole Classic Wines blogosphere. The rest of the sections are full of useful tools like archives, feeds, most popular columns, latest comments, writer bios, and user surveys.

On normal webpages, one would expect to see a series of pointless ads muddling useful information. This is not so on the new Classic Wines Articles page. The sponsors listed are all highly relevant wine vineyards and outlets. Furthermore, they are placed unobtrusively and do not pop out at visitors. Obnoxious ads can be enough to ruin any browsing experience.

Another attractive feature is the depth of content. Visitors can feel free to check back often since columns are updated regularly. If the reader is seeking wine investment news they can focus mostly on Wine Mogul, but may stumble across an interesting tale of wine making from Wine 101. They may also stop by to investigate new wine and food pairings at Classic Wine Pairings, but take a quick detour to find out what drama is happening in Wine and the City.

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