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Flower Wine Recipes

Red Clover Wine: Amber in color the wine flavor is like sweet clover tea, reminiscent of clover honey - with a sweet wine aroma.

It is best to collect Clover Blossoms after 11 AM when the morning dew has dried. Red Clover Blossoms and White clover...
Dandelion Wine: The wine flavor is substantial and distinct yet is difficult to describe. The aroma is mousy, but improves with age. In spite of its unfavorable aroma, the taste of the wine is good.

Dandelions are best to pick midday after the morning...
Wild Rose Petal Wine: This wine has a rose flavor and is yellow in color. The aroma is pleasant but not rose like.

Pick the rose petals whenever the bush is flowering - before the petals begin to turn brown. NOTE: Wild roses are quite dissimilar to the...
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