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From a simple fruit comes a wonderful transformation into a drink that can mature into a valuable asset. Many people over the centuries have taking it upon themselves to invest hard earned money into a wine collection. After you get started collecting, depending on the amount of bottles, storage is an issue that needs addressed. Here are 5 iron wine rack designs that protect your wine investment.

Versatility of Iron
Wrought iron creates intricate designs for holding bottles of wine for display, convenience and protection. Often referred to as mild steel in todays time, it is a very practical way of storing your investment. The many styles, sizes and designs can either blend into a room or set it off with a fantastic display of beauty that holds precious cargo. Strength, stability and cork preservation along with the ability to mold iron into nearly any design is why it became so popular to use. It adds a sense of style and richness to your collection while still being affordable. Let us look at just a few of the popular designs used by wine collectors.

Popular Wine Rack Designs
There are many styles of freestanding wine holders. The shape of some are like a table with wood or glass top, the rack is underneath making bottles easily accessible. There is a perch style freestanding rack. This one stands bottles either single or double stacked vertically. Every bottle has its own individual slot. This makes it very nice to see exactly which bottle you want to get before pulling it out. The bakers style rack is very popular to hold wine, glasses and more. Display your bottles in a very fancy method with this one.

Hanging racks are very popular for those that do not want to take up useable walking space. It also adds some style to any room. This is great for showing off a nice collection of wine. These beautifully styled racks typically hold up to about eight to ten bottles of wine elegantly in the kitchen, den or dining area that works for you.

Wall Mounted wine storage is wonderful in saving space and adding some pizzazz to any room. Space saving beauty comes with these lower or high capacity holders. Choose a single, double or even a triple stack holder. This sturdy addition still makes it easy to keep bottles intact while being able to read the labels before choosing one.

Corner wine racks help utilize space in your floor plan that is not normally being used to walk in. Get sturdy storage for a few to many bottles of your favorite wines. It is a fabulous way to display them while space saving for even a smaller room.

A commercial is a higher capacity rack that either mounts on the wall to save space or freestanding to hold more bottles. There are many storage slots to show off the selection of wines. Bottles tipped at just the right angle to make it easy to read and get to. This is especially important to keep fast service with easy access to the collection.

Find home wine racks, folding wine racks and selecting an inexpensive wine rack by visiting - a wine rack site for lovers of wine who need a good place to store their collection.

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